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The future is now when you start up your new interplanetary mining company and seek to make your fortune from the resources of other worlds. ExoMiner from developer Eldring is an idle tapper game with a lot to keep you interested.

The game itself is easy to play and the tutorial information will get you slowly up to speed without placing to many restraints on you. It is best to follow the advice and tips given though.

Below we have some beginners tips to help you get started in the right way.

Beginners Tips for ExoMiner

You will start out with 1 deposit to mine and a few more to buy once you can afford them. Pick these up as soon as you can. You can then upgrade the deposits. For each one you can upgrade the mining rate and then will need to judge the required ship speed and cargo size to efficiently collect the mined ores without overdoing it.

Check out the research options and aim to complete the research to extend vision to new deposits. The more you open the more you can mine.

Ranking up will get you relics and other bonuses and the key o ranking is to complete the quests. You will have 3 quests at the top of the screen and you should focus on these.

From time to time you will get a video ad offer. This appear hnear the top right as an arrow. Cash is not important but for free relics or crates you should definitely take advantage of these.

Astronauts are useful buffs for your mining deposits. You need to open crates to find these, look for the box /crate icon near the bottom and grab any free crate offers and safe relics to open more.

The game allows you 2 hours of offline idle mining but if you are off for longer then you can boost this by watching ads. Open the Boosts menu before you stop playing and find the option to increase idle time to maximize your mines income generation. When you do go offline or if you use a Time Bender to speed through time make sure you have set the required smelting or crafting items that you want to gain when you return to the game.

We hope these tips are useful to you in getting started in Exominer. If you have further questions please head to the Answers Page to ask there.
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A fine idle game, can check the timers and material cost of components your constructing in a few short minutes and leave it be. Rewards frequent checks, not long sessions
4.0 / 5.0

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