Exclusive Items and Rewards in the Life Makeover Global Pre-Registration Push.

Mar 11th 2023
Exclusive Items and Rewards in the Life Makeover Global Pre-Registration Push.
Exclusive Items and Rewards in the Life Makeover Global Pre-Registration Push.

Exclusive Items and Rewards in the Life Makeover Global Pre-Registration Push.

Life Makeover, a brand new dress-up and social simulation game from Archosaur Games, which is open for pre-registrations worldwide, might look like a change of pace, but it’s just as technically impressive as anything the studio has created before.

Archosaur Games has long been associated with graphically impressive midcore mobile RPGs like Dragon Raja and Noah’s Heart, which push at the boundaries of what a mobile phone can do.

And if you don’t believe us, just look to Japan,Taiwan China and Singapore, where Life Makeover has not only topped the Free Games charts but also attracted more than 15 million pre-registrations and followers.

Pre-registrations are now open to players in the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia, allowing prospective fans to claim a brace of early goodies including a Limited Outfit, an Exquisite Houseplant, and a series of milestone rewards.

Also there’s an upcoming test on March 20th, you won’t want to miss out this chance to try Life Makeover, sign up on the official website for the test.

Life Makeover is, of course, exactly what it sounds like: a game about making over your own personal avatar and home.

It begins with creating your character. There are countless options to choose from, including skin tone, hair style, body shape, and much, much more.

Then you get to create outfits for them to wear, choosing your own fabric and designing your own custom patterns. Whether or not you consider yourself a budding fashion designer, the scope for creativity is undeniably impressive.

And we haven’t even got on to your home yet. Life Makeover lets you create any home you like, in any style, from farmhouse to penthouse. You get to decide the layout, the decor, the furnishings, and everything else.

Then you can invite your friends to hang out.

It all looks great, too. Archosaur Games has applied its usual high technical standards to Life Makeover, building the game in Unreal Engine 4 to create a rich, graphically impressive 3D world for you to play around in.

The graphics are genuinely impressive. Life Makeover boasts realistic textures, including hair, skin, and fabric, and accessories that gently glimmer and glow.

To see it in action at the earliest possible moment, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store to pre-register right now.

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