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DS:Blade of Hashira Cheats and Tips

DS:Blade of Hashira

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DS:Blade of Hashira Cheats and Tips

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DS:Blade of Hashira Updates

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DS: Blade of Hashira Codes (September 2023)
DS: Blade of Hashira is an action-adventure game set in the Taisho period of Japanese history. Join a brave peasant boy as he ..
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DS:Blade of Hashira FAQs

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How to get vip 1 in DS blade of hashira?

check the recharge tab from the main screen. It should show you a bar that says "Recharge (amount of gems needed to be purchased) to reach VIP1.

How to join guild and get vip 1?

You have to reach a certain player level before you can apply to a guild. Then, they have to accept your application. Some have minimum requirements to join. You must recharge for 60 gems to get vip1. It's the only way to get vip.

How do you check your vip status?

Look in the recharge tab, go into Vip and it should display at the top :).

Hidden page what less than 1w&l means to get 3 stars?

W&L stands for a Wind & Lightning type hero. If it only says less than 1, it usually means 1 or less. It will highlight green when you meet the condition before battle.

How do I ascend my heros from 9 star into 10 star/ I don't have the option!?

Only SSR heroes can get above 9*.

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DS:Blade of Hashira Reviews

Latest Review:

Wish there were more F2P options for upgrading characters and items. Seems it starts punishing those who don't spend money once you get past Player lvl 50 by slowing the rate of getting gems and EXP.

4.5 / 5.0

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