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Infinite Warfare is an event that usually lasts for a couple of days, but you get to run it every day that it is on because everything resets at UTC 00:00 for each day of the event!

The idea of this event is that you complete certain event missions in order to get the corresponding rewards. The missions usually relate to killing a certain number of zombies.

Infinite Warfare Event - Get some EXP and Advanced Map Searches

Infinite Warfare Event - Get some EXP and Advanced Map Searches

If you have 5 marches unlocked then this event is super easy to complete and bag all of the rewards, if you have only one or two marches unlocked then it will take a little more time as you can only send out one or two marches together.

Even if you only hit one zombie, if you send out 5 marches at the same time it, then it counts for 5 zombie kills!

The best reward is usually an advanced search map ticket, and if the even runs for two days and resets after the first day, you'll be able to bag two of these plus all of the other rewards. So it's well worth checking it out and trying to complete it.

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