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Dawn of Titans: War Strategy RPG
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Version: 1.32.0 | 9+

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Dawn of Titans is a well established and popular strategy / city building game. It also features an interactive battle mechanic that lets you have control over your forces to determine the best strategy for victory.

If you are starting out in the game there is a lot to pick up and while the tutorial will introduce the main elements we have collected some useful guides and tips to help you make the best start in the game.

Hints and Tips

The early game is busy with building, upgrading and training your army. Fortunately a lot of the actions will let you skip them for free while the timers needed to complete them are short. You can skip timers for actions that take longer with the gems but you will want to save these where you can.

You will be able to build extra Builders yard buildings at a cost of gems. It is a good idea to build at least one extra one to give yourself another builder to let you do multiple jobs at once. Adding more than one will cost a lot in gems so only do this if you are in a hurry.

Your ability to do upgrades and train troops will depend on your income of Gold and Food so adding more gold mines and farms is also recommended. Where resources allow try to keep these upgraded a well to maximise your income.

You will need to collect the gold and food generated by these buildings manually which means logging in regularly.

It is generally a good idea to try to build and upgrade all of your buildings as you level up the castle. New buildings will be unlocked and each will have strong benefits for your resource revenue, strength or protection.

Of course you will be limited in what you can do by the resources you can generate but the early game is full of rewards for tasks and milestones which should help you move forward quickly.

There are good rewards to gain from the Campaign battles. These are quick and easy to start with so do them when you can to grab some bonuses.

Remember though to check your current resource levels before starting any campaign battles or raiding other resoruces. The amount that you can hold at any time is limited, especially art the start of the game before you have built and upgraded storehouses. Make sure to use up any store of resources you have before earning more in case you miss out on any.

Managing Your Battles
In any of your battles you are able to control each of the elements of your army to direct them in the field. Each of the battles is different and you will need to adjust your strategy depending on the enemy you face and how they fight.

Be aware that in some battles the enemy will bring in reinforcements during the fight which may try to flank you. Pay attention to the enemy positions and be prepared to move your units as an attack from behind can be deadly.

Your Titan, especially at the start, will be very strong and can take on the enemy very well by itself. You don't want to endanger your Titan but letting it do most of the work will save you losing or having to heal too many troops.

You can equip different types of troop which means that you can have ranged and archers and infantry types together. Finding your best set up of the different types available will help you build a strong army and remember to experiment with any new types that you unlock as you progress in the game.

If you are not keep on managing the battles there is an auto plan option which will be fine for your start in the game. With practice though you can hopefully save yourself some losses by managing it yourself.

Use Your Relics
The activities and tasks you complete are likely to award you with relics and you will have daily options to claim them in the Temple. These will give good bonuses to your titans and the armies they lead so remember to check them out and equip them to your titans when you receive them.

If you have any questions for playing Dawn of Titans please head to the Answers Page to ask there. Or see if you can help others.

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