Crossy Road - Endless Arcade Hopper

Crossy Road - Endless Arcade Hopper

Why Did the Emo Goose Cross the Road?

In a dystopian future where a car can flatten a moose without slowing down and a goose will drown in a river, exists the world of Crossy Road. Brought to life by the Australian development team at Hipster Whale and released in November 2014, Crossy Road has been nominated for just about all of the awards ever handed out for amazing apps including being recognized on the App Store as one of Apple's Best Apps of 2014.

One of the greatest aspects of this game is its awesomely free price tag on the App Store and Google Play. There are in-game purchases available, but they are legitimately unnecessary for progress in this adorable endless runner. Unlike other games, the player is encouraged to cross roads for all eternity with an endless supply of lives. The additional purchases are only for unlocking new creatures and most of these little guys even bring their own special scenery along with them. In-game currency can be collected throughout the landscape, won from gifts acquired by playing the game for 30 minutes at a time or gained by watching short ads for other games.

This currency is used in the bubble gum slot machine 100 coins at a time to win adorable prizes.

Gameplay is simplistic, but fun. The object is to keep your animal from being completely destroyed for as long as possible. Tapping the screen creates forward progression, while swiping changes direction. This is a game where everything is an instrument of cute fuzzy death. The cars will flatten you, the rivers will drown you, and if you stay in one place too long, an eagle will carry you off to feed to its eagle babies.

While some might find the concept repetitive, the developers have been hammering out new content since the game's release. The first installment of brand new awesomeness was a set of purchasable Australian animals in celebration of Australia Day on January 26th, because it only makes sense that a kiwi would need to hop across a road, and just this week players were given a free Fortune Duck for Chinese New Year, along with an unlockable God character and of course- a dragon available for purchase. These little updates may not seem major, but for the game's millions of fans across two platforms, the updates will definitely keep them coming back. There are also rumors of a hidden unlockable whale character in a river wearing a cardigan and reading a book you've never heard of...

The graphics are boxy and simple with a Minecraft-esque sort of feel and the music is not abrasive or annoying. The animal sounds give the playable characters a lot of personality, which is needed due to the 8-bit animation style.

The game is simple, but fun. Best of all, it is free! So, you aren't actually losing anything more valuable than a few minutes (or possibly days, if you like it) of your life by trying it! If you are not among the easily-entertained, however, you might be better off just not crossing this road.
3.9 / 5.0
review by CheerfulStar | Feb 4th 2015

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