Crossy Road - Endless Arcade Hopper

How to Not Die

Crossy Road - Endless Arcade Hopper
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How to Not Die
Crossy Road - Endless Arcade Hopper Guide

Chances are good that throughout your game, you will die a lot. Like more than a lot. Like every single time you play. The purpose of this guide is to get you as far as possible *before* you die. Intrigued? Let's begin!

    Take note that on most stages, every type of car runs at a particular rate of speed and although the traffic is random, the speed of the cars is not.

    It is entirely possible to get so caught up in this world that you are so excited to pick up a coin or cross a road, that you fall in a river on the other side. It is possible that this is what actually happened to the chicken in the end.

    Mind your audio and visual cues. Hate getting carried away by trains or flattened by police cars? They both have a light and a sound warning that precede them. Use them.

    Nothing can swim in this game. Don't even try. You will be disappointed.

    Before jumping into a river, orient yourself with the landscape. Some of the logs move super fast and will sweep you clean off the playable area.

    Eagles are not an endangered species in this game and they have developed a taste for second-guessers, procrastinators and those who like to live in the past. There are absolutely movements to go backwards, do nothing or hop sideways, but three steps backward, five seconds of being lazy or doing a crab walk will transform your wizard into magically delicious eagle food.

    There are 50 characters to pick from and some of them even change the landscape to almost completely impossible scenarios, like playing the game in the pitch black by the light of a bio luminescent ghost . You can win most of the characters from the gumball-less Gacha Machine with 100 coins and coins are plentiful in this game. Watch an app commercial- get 20 coins. Watch five commercials, destroy cars with a fire-breathing dragon or whatever chance happens to toss your way.

    Touching the screen and holding will prevent your character from completing their jump if you catch it in time.


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