Clumsy Ninja

The first few hours

The first few hours
Clumsy Ninja Guide

Clumsy Ninja presents you with quests that guide you quite effortlessly through much of the game, and in the first few hours you will be meeting your ninja and tackling the first few. Initially, you are introduced to your ninja and must shake his hand. You are also shown how the physics-based gameplay works - by attaching balloons to your ninja and watching him lift off the ground. After that, the training begins at Level 1, and before long you are given free reign to pick whichever training equipment you prefer.

As a rule of thumb, you should always use the highest XP item to train your ninja first. This is basic time management, as you want to use the most useful thing as quickly as possible so you can repair it and it will be back in action nice and fast. Eventually you will come to a point where all your main training equipment is undergoing repairs, and it's in these instances when you have to get more creative - interacting with lesser items and the environment to get every last bit of XP on offer. You don't have too many other choices in Clumsy Ninja other than what training items to use, so it's a good idea to learn the nuances of each one.

Use the most advanced item first
Use the most advanced item first

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