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Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Tips
Clumsy Ninja Guide

Plan wisely

Your biggest enemy in Clumsy Ninja is time. Every training item needs to be regularly repaired, and this takes a considerable amount of time for some of the higher level items. Remember though that you can train on other things while one is being repaired, so there is nearly always something for you to do. If you are a bout to go away for the day, use a high level item and set it repairing before you go!h

Be patient

Following on from the tip above, there really is no need for many Diamonds in Clumsy Ninja. There is always something to do, and the only use for Diamonds is to speed up training repairs. Just train on something else rather than spending money to finish one item more quickly - even if it is part of a quest, it's not going anywhere, so just wait for it to finish!

Log in (and more) every day

There are many bonuses to be earned from logging in every day, from Coins to Diamonds - but unlike most games such as this, you actually have to do something when you log in. You need to send your ninja to his mat once a day to earn your bonus, and it's easy to forget to do this, so it may even be worth setting yourself a reminder once a day!

Put your ninja to bed once a day for some decent rewards
Put your ninja to bed once a day for some decent rewards


Even when you have exhausted all of your main training equipment, you are still able to get XP by chucking your ninja around, tying things to his arms and legs, and generally seeing what sort of mischief you can cause to him. Experiment if you are stuck for ideas and you are likely to be rewarded.

Train, train, train

The bulk of your time in Clumsy Ninja should be spent training. The only time when you won't be training your ninja, is when you are waiting for items to repair, and on these occasions you can experiment, but your absolute priority should be the training as this is the best way to gain XP and level up.

Mastery is not the end of training

Eventually, your ninja will achieve mastery in a particular item. Don't take this as a cue to stop training on it though! Even when you have mastered one item you are able to keep training with it and get the same amount of XP to level up. Indeed, when your newer items are repairing you should be reusing older ones to keep the XP flowing.

Even once you have mastered an item you should keep using it
Even once you have mastered an item you should keep using it

Have a daily routine

The best way to get into the habit of earning big chunks of XP every day is to find the best routine for you and your ninja. When you turn on the game and start him training, what times you revisit him during the day to train on more items, initiate repairs, and then finally to put him to bed on his mat. If you get into a routine you will find it much easier to schedule repairs intelligently so that you are not wasting time waiting around for things to finish.

Focus on the quests

The game's quests do get a lot more open-ended as you progress. They will go from specific tasks to quests such as simply leveling up, which gives you the freedom to do it in whichever way you see fit. However, whenever you are stuck for something to do, check the quest book in the corner of the screen as the chances are your Sensei has a task in mind for you.

Keep an eye on your progress

By tapping the map in the corner of the screen you can see how far along the quest to finding Kira you are. You are able to see some of the rewards on offer at each level, which is great for extra motivation in leveling up, and generally how long you have left until you will finally get to Kira.

Instant XP

If you have a glut of Coins (something which happens once you unlock animals at Level 10), a great way to use them is on balloons. You can purchase these with Coins and pop them simply by tapping on them. Every balloon you tap earns you an amount of XP, so you are effectively buying XP with your Coins!

Use animals to get Coins, and Coins to get XP!
Use animals to get Coins, and Coins to get XP!

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