Bubble Sort Color Puzzle Game

Level 2-20

Level 2-20
Bubble Sort Color Puzzle Game Guide

One of the first tricky levels that we are getting questions about is the Normal difficulty level, 2-20.

The solution is as follows:

Level Normal 20 (2-20) is quite difficult, but with a little planning, and these instructions you'll have it completed.

First of all fill the tube to the far right with 4 green balls. Then the second tube to the left with 4 red balls.

It should be looking something like as follows:
Level 2-20
Level 2-20

Next clear the 2nd tube on the right by removing the yellow and blue balls

Now fill it back up with the three yellow balls, and move the two blue balls to the middle tube and I'm sure you can do the last couple of steps from there!

Level 2-20
Level 2-20

If you are stuck on any level, fee free to drop us a question here: https://www.app...answers/ for other players to see and hopefully help out!

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