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Big Helmet Heroes Cheats, Tips and Strategy

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Big Helmet Heroes is an idle PvP combat game where you power up your hero by collecting items to strengthen him in battle. We've taken a look at this visually outstanding game up come with our list of Big Helmet Heroes cheats, tips and strategy to help decide how to play the game.

Big Helmet Heroes Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Log In Daily
The game offers a daily reward which you can find in the Boutique, using the middle button on the bottom left of the game screen.

Try to play through 10 matches per day
The best rewards are given up to 10 times per day, so you'll want to try to get in those 10 matches daily for the best stuff. After each match you can grab one of these 10 victory rewards. After you have collected the 10 victory rewards you can still get good stuff from winning battles, you'll just have to use 20 gems each time.

Level Up and Improve Your Armor Weapons and Shield
As you play through and collect rewards you'll need to remember to level up as soon as you get the opportunity, this will give you more hit points and fighting strength and should allow you to continue in the game facing stronger opponeents.

You'll also be collecting shards of items, keep a look out for when you have enough to craft these items and equip them.

Check your In Game Mail for Rewards
Especially when you first get started, there may be mail with free gem rewards waiting for you look out for the exclamation mark where the letter symbol is in the game.

Download Now in Beta for Free Gems

150 Free Gems for Beta Players

While the game is in Beta, the developers are giving 150 free gems to players. This offer may change or be withdrawn at any time. Check your in-game mail to collect these free gems.

Complete Missions for free gems
The bottom icon over on the right of the game will list the current missions that you can complete for rewards such as free gems. Missions are basically achievements that will naturally unlock over the course of normal gameplay, or that you can focus on to try to complete quicker.

Gain Stars in Battle to unlock season rewards
Collect Gold Stars by winning battles to unlock rewards

As you play battles you will win and lose stars depending upon the outcome of each battle. Over the course of a season your stars will unlock various items as you reach certain milestones, this is a great way to get free items, gems and coins in Big Helmet Heroes.

Check the Boutique for purchasable items
Boutique to purchase items and get your daily reward

Spend your coins and gems in the boutique and get the extra items that you need to be able to increase the level of an item for your hero. At the beginning, assuming you have free gem rewards, I think it's worth using the gems and coins to purchase all the items that are available to improve your hero and use gems to refresh the store quickly and purchase them again. This should rapidly increase the power of your hero and get you off to a good start.

How Can I download and Play Big Helmet Heroes

At the time of writing Big Helmet Heroes is only downloadable for Android, so you can get your copy of the game in the Goolge Play Store.

Can I Play Big Helmet Heroes on PC?
The only was we can think of playing Big Helmet Heroes on PC is by using an Android emulator such as BigNox or BlueStacks and then downloading the game through the emulator on your PC.

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