Big Helmet Heroes

Big Helmet Heroes

PvP Hero Battles

PvP Hero Battles
Big Helmet Heroes is an idle PvP game where you have to develop your hero to make him stronger to go into battle, defeat more enemies, unlock more stuff and collect more stars!

We tried the game while it was still in beta, and we really like the look of and see how the developers can potentially add a lot more depth and options in the game. Right now, it's a good game to check out while it is still in beta, as you can get some free gems to help get you started in the game,

The game is free to download and play, and the version we played did not have any advertising, however we did just play the beta version. There is a shop to purchase skins and other items in the game, but no purchases are necessary to play the game.

Big Helmet Heroes looks great, and is easy to pick up and start getting into. The developers hopefully will add some more features to give the game more depth and longevity, but it's well worth a look if you are into idle games like.
4.0 / 5.0
review by AppGamer | Oct 8th 2020

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Review by GuestOct 21st 2020
Super chill game!! Perfect to relax, love the automatic fight, watch & relax.
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