Bid Wars: Pawn Empire

Top hints and tips for Bid Wars

Top hints and tips for Bid Wars
Bid Wars: Pawn Empire Guide

A quick collection of hints and tips for Bid Wars. If you have anything to add to this list please use the form here or comment below.

Get Free Gold

If you have time (anD not on limited data) you can watch videos at the Exchange in the game to earn free gold. You can also buy gold here for real money if you want to do it that way. Ad of course exchange your earned gold for the ingame cash.

Check the Objectives

Keep an eye out for objectives to complete by tapping on the cell phone icon in the lower left corner of the map screen. These will earn you gold, cash and experience and are usually easy to complete, such as needing to sell items.

Best way to Bid

The best time to place your bid is when the auctioneer says “Going twice”. t theis point the good are almost sold to the highest bidder and no more npc bids should be made.
Bidding early can easily get you into a bidding wayt and you’ll increase the price that is reached in the end. Generally the npc's will be set to gain a profit and will stop before they make a loss.

Upgrade your Inventory

This building next to your Pawn Shop is there to store your items after an auction. When you can upgrade it to increase the storage space. This will let you hold on to more stuff at once and give you more time to get items appraised without stopping you playing.

Other Upgrades

Keep upgrading and leveling up to unlock the library and more shelves to sell items in your shop and increase your progress.

Rental Houses

When available (the first one is at level 10) invest in the rental properties that will earn you money over time and keep the funds coming in if you run out making purchases.

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