Bid Wars: Pawn Empire

Where to find specific items in Bid Wars

Where to find specific items in Bid Wars
Bid Wars: Pawn Empire Guide

As you play through Bid Wars you will find yourself needing to seek out specific items to complete the tasks set for you and of course to complete the library lists of items. Hunting for a particular item can be frustrating and leave you seeking help to figure out where to spend your precious energy points attending auctions.

Many of the tasks require you to get uncommon items, although you will also need to find some rare items. In general these items can appear in many different cities in the game but often they seem to be more more likely to appear in some than others. Some items are generally in the beginner areas. While others are in the more advanced locations.

Unfortunately just because you or someone else previously found a set item in one city before doesn't mean that that's the best place to look for it again. However getting advice on where it has been found before can still help as it gives a good place to start and to concentrate your searches around.

So if an item was seen before in Miami then you can stick to looking there or at least spend most of your time looking in the cities just before and after Miami in the games progression.

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