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Buildings in Bid Wars

Buildings in Bid Wars
Bid Wars: Pawn Empire Guide

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Pawn Shop

Your shop that you will be shown during the game tutorial, this is where you sell the better goods that you obtain from the storage lockers. Place items on the shelf and wait for offers to come in. Level up to increase the shelf space.

Generally the more an item is worth the longer it will take to get an offer from someone. When you reach level 8 you will also be able to have clients who will bring items to you that you can buy and then resold for a profit.


The library is unlocked early on in the game and is where you can view all of the items you’ve found. Rare, very rare and legendary items will have more information about them.

Community College

This is where you take your rare, very rare and legendary items to get detailed information about them. It will take 1 hour for each item to be examined by Ayanna Farmer the Professor Ph.D, So getting them checked as soon as you can is important to save backing up your inventory space. It is possibly to pay gold to get them checked immediately.

Mutt's House

Mutt's Semin-legal Market is another way to get items if you fancy the occasional flutter. You just need to give any random item to Mutt and wait for 1 hour after which time he will give you back a different item. In general the new item will be worth more than the one you gave him and very occasionally it will be a rare item so it is worth doing (although occasionally he will bring back a lower value item). But it means waiting for a result and not being able to profit quickly from whatever item you give him.

Rental Houses

Check around the map to the north west to find 5 different rental properties. These are not available immediately and unlock over time. The first one at level 10 for $5600. Invest in these as soon as you can to set up a regular income.
House 1 : Level 10 - $5600
House 2 : Level 12 - $9400
House 3 : Level 14 - $15800
House 4 : Level 16 - $26700
House 5 : Level 18 - $45000

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