Balls Chain by Se Games

Balls Chain by Se Games

Se Games
Version: 1.21 | Everyone

Get ready to roll as you are about to embark on an epic journey with Balls Game - Free 2D Ball Game. So get your fingers rolling and sharpen your aiming skills as at every level you had to break the bricks with the cannon balls to compete with your scores.

Swipe Brick Breaker Balls comes with free and fun GamePlay, blend with the perfect combination of one of the best and addictive 2D games for free. So what you're waiting for download this epic 2D game today and enjoy playing with your friend and family as it is best suited to all ages.

Brick breaker is free and classic arcade game type with built-in store to upgrade the cannons and purchase multiple other items on the go, so get yourself prepared for one of the most amazing free ball game ever on PlayStore. With this epic and amazing Brick Breaker 2D Balls Game there's only one way to survive i.e. tap to charge the cannon ball and make your way through the bricks to enjoy and evolve in an amazing brick breaking world.

Remember your childhood? Get ready to scroll down to your childhood memories with the free and fun drop the ball endless game, unlock new and amazing cannon with built-in store purchases and enjoy beautiful designed graphics with simple and one-touch controls.

The goal of the game is to break the blocks with balls. As the balls hit the blocks, a value falls from the blocks. When count of bricks is zero. Blocks will explode. If any brick comes to most bottom row. Game is over. Do not worry, you do not have to start from scratch with auto registration. The game saves 100 and 500 score automatically, and you do not have to start over again. This feature is unique to this game only.

Power Ball Features
The gameplay is enriched with epic and free powered red lava balls, which you can utilize at any stage of the game to randomly break and blow the bricks. If you ever get stuck with the nerdy brick, launch your Super Power Lava Ball to break multiple bricks in one go and move higher with your scoring rate.

Tip: The red power balls are limited, so utilize them wisely to move forward with your scores.

Swipe Brick Breaker Balls - Tips, Tricks & Amazing Features

  • Simple, sleak and professional GUI.

  • Packed with amazing and stunning endless 2D graphics.

  • Powered with built-in store and in-app purchases.

  • Epic and fun 2D endless game for kids and adults.

  • Recreational ball rolling and cannon shooting saga.

  • Realistic physics controlling with endless levels.

  • Online leaderboard features.

  • Single and one-tap control.

  • Innovative ping pong gaming concept with new and improved 2D gaming mania.

Game Features

  • Touch the screen to throw the balls and swipe your finger in any direction around the round.

  • There are many different balls, blocks and launchers in the game. The characteristics of each of the balls are different. You can look at features from the store menu.

  • There are a total of 6 different blocks. These; Single Shape, L Shape, U Shape, Square Shape, Hexagon Shape and Hexagon Shapes.

  • In addition, there are 4 different cannons. Each cannon has a different speed of fire. You can see the cannon properties under the cannons heading from the store menu.

  • There are many balls and items you can get with coin that you collect in the games.

  • You can speed up the balls with the acceleration button.

  • A treasure chest that contains storm item, multiple item and bomb item will be opened every 20 minutes.

  • Also, You can get storm item, multiple item and bomb item from the market with the coins that you have won by breaking the bricks.

  • When you break each block, coin comes out on the game stage at the next level.

  • You can crash to any block with bomb items.

  • When balls contact to storm item. effects all blocks.

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