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Arcane Showdown Cheats, Tips and Strategy

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Arcane Showdown is an arcade real time strategy game where you build your deck and with aim to defeat the towers of your opponent before they destroy yours. We've seen this format of game many times, and in some ways it's comparable to the likes of Clash Royale , but probably I would say it's a little more complex. Take a look through our Arcane Showdown cheats, tips and strategy for some great ideas on how to do well in this great looking game from Big Huge Games Inc.

Arcane Showdown Cheats, Tips and Strategy

Log in Daily for New Mage Rewards

New Mage Rewards

Collect your Daily New Mage Reward by logging in. The rewards start small, but as you progress through the days they get bigger and better.

Check the Daily Deals in the Shop
Daily Deals

Every day you'll get a free chest to open as well as a selection of cards that can be bought with gems or coins. You'll get better free chests as you progress higher in the game, and also more cards will be available to purchase on a daily basis the further into the game you get.

Complete Quests in the Schools of Magic
Schools of Magic

You can find the Schools of Magic from a link on the page where your deck is shown from the game menu. Tap one of the Schools of Magic to find our what you need to do to complete it and get the corresponding reward.
Schools of Magic Chapters

When you complete a chapter in a School of Magic you get the reward and a bonus for the cards in that school. The final chapter in each school also grants a 2-level bonus to that school's cards.

Play Events
Look out for the events that happen regularly and participate for extra rewards and chests. You'll need to get to Mage Level 7 however to unlock the ability to play events.

Complete Quests
Complete Quests in Arcane Showdown

You can find a list of your current quests by going to the Duel screen and tapping the Quests link, complete quests for some great cards and rewards.

Watch the Video Ads
Video Rewards

From time to time the game may make available to you a set of video ads, and by watching these you'll get instant rewards after you have completed the viewing. This is good to do, especially in the beginning of the game, when you don't have so many cards, coins and gems.

Arcane Showdown Gameplay Strategy

In the game you need to start earning mana as soon as possible, but if you only focus on that you run the risk of being overwhelmed by your opponent if they decide to attack early. Find a good balance of increasing your mana earning while being prepared to defend an early attack.

Enchant the beacons close to your tower to gain more space and have more mana veins available to enchant thus increasing the amount of mana you will generate per second. Don't forget you can enchant the Mana veins more than once to increase the amount of mana you will earn.

Enchant Mana Veins

Unlock you 2nd and 3rd tier cards as soon as you can, this will unlock the strongest cards in your deck and hopefully their usage will lead you to a crushing victory.

Don't waste mana. If you are reaching max mana and cannot enchant, use your mana to unlock the 2nd and 3rd tiers, if already done, throw your slowest moving card to the back middle of the playing area, so he has the longest walk to the enemy zone. Do this, so no mana is wasted, when he reaches the enemy, you can then decide to reinforce the attack or not.
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