Arcane Showdown

Arcane Showdown

Real Time PvP Strategic Tower Combat

There is no doubt we've seen a similar format to this game before. The idea of the game is to destroy your enemies towers using a deck of characters that you collect and improve over time. Clash Royale probably immediately springs to mind based on this description, but this game is so much more than that.

As well as doing battle, you must also manage the amount of energy you collect to use on your cards over the course of the game. In Arcane Showdown, this is described as Mana. And the rate at which you collect Mana is determined by how many Mana veins you own on the battlefield and if they are enchanted to bring your Mana.

With this Mana energy you can they deploy your troops on the battlefield in order to bring down your enemy towers. Games last for a set period of time, and at the end of the period, the results are given based on how many towers you have killed or if you destroy the main tower, the game ends at that point.

Arcane Showdown is free to download, and while there are minimal ads interfering with gameplay, you sometimes are given the option to watch video ads in order to get rewards in the game. There is also a shop where you can purchase chests and purchase more of the premium currency in the game, which are gems.
Daily New Mage Rewards
Daily New Mage Rewards

The game looks fantastic, there is a broad range of character cards to collect. If you are familiar with the genre, then you'll know how it all works. There are spells, flyers, walkers, tanks etc... All with a different function, and the aim is to build a well balanced deck in order to win the match.
Big Attack
Big Attack

Arcane Showdown is well worth the download if you are into games like this, it is one of the best we have seen in this genre, and we've seen a lot.
5.0 / 5.0
review by AppGamer | Oct 14th 2020

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