Control the flow to solve the puzzles

Aqueducts, from uaJoyTech, is an easy to play puzzle game suitable for all ages. The rules of the game are simple and based on the familiar flow principle of creating an unbroken pathway from a start point to an exit to allow water to flow safely.

The pathways are formed by tapping to rotate straight and curved aqueduct pieces to form the channels, with varying levels of difficulty in the different sections and levels. THe challenge comes in trying to complete the levels within the set number of moves or in some case against a timer, with stars awarded depending on your performance. You can of course replay the levels to get a perfect score once you know the correct configuration.

At present the game is free to download which gives you access to the first 3 sections / locations. Eech of which has between 5 and 7 levels to complete. A further 4 sections is available with the option to 'Pay what you want' to unlock them. You are able to contribute your choice of $1 - $5 or also choose the option to pay nothing to unlock them. This pay option is unusual but becoming more popular, and does allow you to show how much you enjoy the game. With a limited number of levels available though there may not be enough play value yet to convince people to pay a higher amount. It's not know if any more locations will be added later.

The free game does also include adverts, however they are not overly intrusive. There are no on screen ads while playing although full screen ads with skip timers do appear between some levels and when replaying levels.

The game looks and sounds very good. The graphics are well designed and look great and the music is soothing and pleasant. One flaw though is that the angle that the play area is presented at, and the size of the aqueduct pieces, can make it easy to tap the wrong piece and waste time and moves in the process.

Aqueducts is relaxing to play and generally fun, but despite looking good doesn't really do the flow game dynamic any better than many other similar games available. At present the low number of levels to play though also means that the experience is not going to be a long term one. I would say that it is worth trying Aqueducts if you enjoy puzzle games, it should give you some fun, and if you enjoy it then paying a few bucks may help to get a few more levels added to the game.
3.5 / 5.0
review by testuser | Jul 10th 2017

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Review by GuestJul 5th 2018
"Flint Adventure" is a game you can be offline and still be earning rewards, the game uses the prehistoric stone-age fantasy style, has rich changeable herooes and strategy allocation, as well as the Arena, the alliance and so on. A series of splendid contents. In the stone World, you will lead your tribal heroes to explore the different stone worlds with millions of players. I had to use their line to introduce the game, Thats whats been told now im on it like for one month ist pretty cool, but just to less ppl inside the Servers to Competition with. If some of your guys join me in the Server 3 is cool my alliance is Winterfell.
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Review by GuestDec 27th 2017
Recommended, nice graphic and beautiful music
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