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The idea of is to get to the bottom of the water slide first. You can also sim to collect the most coins too by bashing the most people off the slide, but at the moment only the developers know what the coins will be used for! no doubt there will be some useful power-ups available to spend your coins on, but we don't know for sure. Our guide is completed on this one page, we'll give you our best tips to make it to the bottom first and to unlock the next level. Guide Guide

Tips and Tricks


If you slide off the edge of the waterslide you'll notice that you will be holding onto a glider. The idea is that you glide to a part of the water slide further down, thereby creating some kind of short cut. The problem is, if you odn't know the layout of the track, you may well find yourself knocked out of the level and have to start over.

As new levels are unlocked, more obstacles are introduced which will slow you down, look out for these are try to avoid them. you'll probably need to play they levels a few times over before you know the layout of the track, and learn the best places to leave the track and rejoin. It's really a matter of trial and error, to discover the best places to jump off the track on each level.


Bashing your opponents out of the way is a great way to eliminate them from the race and also to pick up extra coins. You can be sure that if you have knocked them out of the way, they won't be a danger to you later on down the line.

And while all of the players in the race are named, don't fee bad about knocking them out, as they are AI controlled and not being controlled by another human somewhere else in the world.

Big jumps vs Small Jumps

On some levels you'll be able to make massive jumps and clear a big chunk of the track, on others you'll need to be more precise and make a few smaller jumps. Learning what type of jump to make and when to make it is the key to success in this game. Finish First Finish First

What are the Coins For?

At this point we don't know, but here at AppGamer, we think they may be used to unlock power-ups in a later version of the game.

Good luck with the game, and if you have any questions, fee free to check out our answers page.


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