Version: 2.0 | 12+ is a fast paced water slide game, where the aim is to reach the bottom first. It sounds simple enough but each level is a different slide map and contains different obstacles and power-ups. Check out our Guide to get some tips and tricks to help you be the winner for each level.

Cheats and Tips

- Bash your opponents out of the way by sliding into them when you are alongside them

- Learn where the best places are to leave the water slide and fly to a part of the slide nearer the end, effectively making a short cut.

For more tips and tricks please see our Guide .

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Garbage. Trash. It’s literally impossible to not get first place and your only incentive to not jump off and go straight to the end is that you get coins for killing other players, but once you unlock all the skins the coins are useless entirely.
0.3 / 5.0

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