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Animal Warfare is an auto battle strategy sim packed with 100's of levels and 31 different animals to collect. To help you in your battles we've prepared our Animal Warfare Cheats, Tips and Guide page to give you the best idea on how to play this game and get the best rewards.

Animal Warfare Cheats, Tips and Guide

Here is a rundown of all the things to look out for in the game to get free coins and gems, how to get and upgrade cards, and what sort of formation you need to be using to play the game.

Free Coins

A great way to get a lot of free coins is to go to the store, and scroll down to look for the offer to watch a video ad for some coins. At the moment the game is offering 2500 coins per video ad watched, and you can do this 3 times every day.

Free Coins with Video Ads
Free Coins with Video Ads

Get More Coins

Triple your victory reward. At the end of a battle look out for an offer to triple the number of coins you have won for a battle by watching a video ad. This is a really good offer, especially in the beginning of the game where you need to get as many coins as possible to get more cards.

Collect Your Idle Chest

At the bottom of the main menu you may see a gold chest to the left which may say 'filling' basically, this is your idle chest and will will at the rate indicated until it is full. So remember to collect it's contents regularly.

VIP Subscription

VIP Subscription
VIP Subscription

Animal Warfare does offer a VIP Subscription these can be weekly, monthly or annually. We at AppGamer, are not a fan of subscriptions for this type of game and you need to make sure you strongly consider what a subscription and how much it will cost before purchasing one. It's very easy to forget about the renewal of a subscription and have it roll over and you end up paying again.

Complete the Missions

At the bottom right of the main game screen, there is a pair of binoculars, this is the missions menu. Here you can see what you need to complete in order to get the corresponding rewards. Completing the missions is another great way to get free gems and free coins in Animal Warfare.

Complete Missions for Free Gems, Coins and Tickets
Complete Missions for Free Gems, Coins and Tickets

If you complete enough missions to get 100 tickets, then you'll unlock a gold card animal as well as other things. Check out the goal at the top of the missions screen to track your progress to 100 tickets. Tickets are also earned as you complete missions.

How to Upgrade Animals

Upgrading your animals is a basic and important part of the game. At the battle screen, look out for the horseshoe icon, tap it, then look for the Merge All button, tap that to merge all of the animals in your stable that can be merged.

Merging animals makes them more powerful, and increases their star level. Each animal can get to star level 10. To go to the next level you will need two of the previous star level, or from level 2 to 3 you'll need two t star animals of the same type.

Getting New Animals

You get new animals, or more of the same animals by winning or purchasing cards. Each card represents a different animal and these can be classified by level. At the moment, there are 31 different animals that can be unlocked. You can get these animals either by purchasing card packs in the store, so these are only for pay to play players, or by reaching certain levels in the game. At which point the card will be unlocked and you have a chance to win this animal card.

The first card to become unlocked after the deer, monkey and boar is the buffalo, which becomes available after you complete level 19.

Unlock Buffalo after Level 19
Unlock Buffalo after Level 19

To check out all of the cards and when they become available just tap the paw icon at the bottom of the main screen, then if you tap each animal it will say how to unlock them.

For your existing cards, if you tap them you will get the card's stats at each of the 10 levels.

Purchasing Cards with Coins

Purchasing cards with coins is the main way to get coins in Animal Warfare, but you will notice that the price per card increases after each purchase, luckily so do your rewards as you complete each mission. Watching the video ad after each victory will help you earn the coins that you need to keep unlocking more cards. Remember the higher you level up an animal, the more cards you will need, so the quest to purchase more and more cards never really ends!

Boss Battles

Boss Battles happen quite frequently in the game and offers a good chance to get more coins and some free gems. The bosses can be quite tough as you get to later stages, so all of those ads for triple coins you've been watching... Well those rewards hopefully have given you enough coins to have a strong enough stable of cards to defeat the boss that you are due to face.

Getting Started with Formation Strategy

When you start the game, you'll very quickly unlock deer, boar and monkey. Each one of these represents a different type of card. The deer is a melee card and should be placed in the middle row, the boar is like a tank with higher hit points and should be placed in the front row, and the monkey is a ranged attacked and should be placed at the back row.

Animal Formation is Important
Animal Formation is Important

Throughout the game, as you unlock more cards, each one will have one or two of these basic characteristics, and you should follow the above rule generally with the tank in the front, melee in the middle, and ranged attackers at the back.

What is the best card in Animal Warfare

The higher rarity cards are usually the best and strongest cards in games like Animal Warfare, but they will also usually be the hardest to upgrade as their drop rate will be less. So you may find that for you, the best card will be a common card that you manage to get a lot of to take him to level 10.

Playing the Challenges

After you complete level 20, the challenge menu will become unlocked and you can participate in the first challenge, Forest Frenzy. As you play through the main game and reach certain level milestones, other challenges will become unlocked.

Challenges become unlocked at Level 20 for more rewards
Challenges become unlocked at Level 20 for more rewards

Challenges are a great way to get more free coins and gems so we recommend that you take the chances you are allowed to play in these events for extra free stuff in the game.

As well as your daily allocation of challenge tries, you can also unlock a few more by watching video ads.

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