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What is the Infinite Challenge Event

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What is the Infinite Challenge Event

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The Infinite Challenge event in Age of Colossus are a good source of resources, gems and other bonuses in the game and you should definitely be checking out what the challenges are whenever you are on to see if you can take advantage of them.

These challenges are a repeating set of requirements that last for only 1 hour at a time (well 55 minutes with 5 minutes of transition time in between each).

The weekend kill events also feature additional 12 hour daily challenges to kill enemy troops.

Types of Challenge

The challenges have changed over time in the game but are now comprised of a combination of one or more of the following tasks:

Use speedups - you will get points for each minutes worth of a speed up that you use during the challenge time period. This may be any speed up or a specific type, eg building speedups.

Train troops - There will be points awarded for each single troop trained with more value given for higher level troops. As you level up and upgrade your training camps to access higher level troops you should find this easier to complete. Remember that the points are awarded when the training completes and you tap to collect the troops. You can time this to collect the troops when you need to get the points.

Increase building power - Points are awarded for each power level gained from upgrading buildings. Low level upgrades will only get you a very small power increase, while higher level upgrades can get you hundreds or thousands of power level points. These upgrades take a long time though so timing (or speed ups) are key. You can time several upgrades to finish at the same time. Points are awarded as soon as the upgrade finishes, however only if the game is running.

Increase technology power - This is similar to the building upgrades above. But you can only research one item at a time.

Hero development - Recruit and upgrade heroes


There are 3 tiers of reward from the daily challenges. In all cases the quantity and quality of the rewards on offer will depend on your castle level. The stronger you are the better the rewards and though the target level required to achieve them will also increase.

The first level will normally get you a small number of speedups and some gold or resources. The second tier will get you some gems, a much larger number of speedups, a good amount of resource items. The third tier will usually have a large amount of gems, a lot of resources and speedups and possibly additional rewards such as Hero Medallions or teleport.

Tips for challenges

The type of challenge available change on each reset but they will often be related to the current state vs. state challenge that will be going on all day. Try to make the most of the times when both challenges are rewarding you for the same thing to put your effort into the tasks required and increase your chances of getting both sets of rewards.

Plan with your upgrades. As the events change frequently and can change in focus each time you may want to watch the upgrades that you are doing and plan to finish them during an appropriate event. For example if you are doing a long building upgrade and the current daily event will give you score for increasing building power then consider using speedups to get it finished during the event. The same goes for research and troop training. You can check the amount of power rating you will get from each upgrade finishing and multiply that by the points you will get to determine how many daily challenge points you will get for finishing. Don't waste all your speed ups though if you are not certain to get to the level you want.

Keep an eye on the timer. and the time outs. similar to the above when you know that upgrades etc are finishing soon try not to let the finish when the timeout is happening between events. If your big research project or building upgrade finishes while the event is changing over you will lose the points.

The challenges do get easier as you level up. Mainly because the amount of troops you can train and the value of the upgrades you can do increases. So with a little planning you can reach at least the second tier rewards frequently.

The third tier rewards are always hard to reach and will take planning, speed ups and possibly diamonds to reach. If you save up speedups and plan ahead though you can get that level of reward from time to time without spending money.

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