Zombie Age 2

Tips and Hints

Tips and Hints
Zombie Age 2 Guide

Maximize support enlistment

When you have enlisted for support, make sure to maximize the help you could get. Stay for as long as you can in a stage as long as your support character has his life gauge about a few percent left. This way, you could earn experience amd coins at tye same time.

Sign in at G+

Additional gold coins will be rewarded for just signing in. Plus the additional benefits of support enlistment rewards for every invited friend on your network.

Destroy objects in the field

Random objects that are scattered on the field (e.g. flower vase, box, slot machine, etc.) Houses different consumable items in the game. Destroy them to obtain the rewards. These items then can be used on the stage itself or can be carried over on the following stages.

Use blunt weapon more often

Using projectile weapon is only recommended when you get stuck on a pinch. Otherwise, going to battle with your blunt weapon is more than enough to clear any given stage. Plus, you dont run out of ammunition using it.

Choose Lector for upgrade

If you choose to purchase additional characters, try to purchase Lector. He has the additional skill of regenerating 2 points of HP per second. This can grant you almost limitless time staying on the battlefield to gain lots of coins and experience points.

Free spin

You gain a free spin of a slot machine with reward items in the game every time you start the application with internet access and ensuring you have met a previous requirement of the free spin. They are usually the additional objectives of collecting a number of tokens in the stages.

Enrage zombies

Upon completing the stage objectives (and when your rescue chopper arrives), zombies will be triggered on a rage mode. This will keep them coming at an alarming rate with endless succession. With proper gear and support, this will enable you to earn both gold and experience at a faster rate. The chopper is there to stay for as long as you can hold your foot on the ground.

Do not clear applications or ram

Having the game not running on the background (by clearing apps or ram) will not refresh the countdown of the assist characters of the game.

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