Zombie Age 2

Zombie Age 2

Return of the Zombies in Zombie Age 2

Set foot into the apocalyptic world where zombies thrive to annihilate human kind in Zombie Age 2. The side scrolling shooter game developed by DivMob Games succeeds with the original title's great graphics, in-game audio, and gameplay--definitely nothing short of a spectacle as its plot centers on surviving the odds of living in a zombie-dominated age.

The game houses the same intuitive controls of scrolling the character up, down, backward and forward through an on-screen joystick along with two more buttons, one for a blunt weapon attack and another one for a projectile weapon (e.g. gun) attack. Controls would prove to be hard to get used to, especially that players will just have to work with the space allowed by their device's screen, nonetheless it still provides great active control over the game.

Right off the bat, you'll be thrown into the battle grounds to fight the zombies. From the preparation screen, you will be given an assessment over the pertaining objectives of the game along with the customization of weapons and boost items that you wish to bring to the given mission. A choice of a backup character or friend is also available as a complimentary help to clear any given stage.

The goal is to meet at least one its specific level objectives in order to progress. Upon deployment, your character should survive either a time limit given, perform a number of kills or reach a specified distance. Upon reaching the goal, a surge of zombies would start to engage the character unless you immediately hop onto the helicopter that picks you up.

Zombie age also has a fair variety of projectile weapons for upgrade to help you as you advance through the stages ranging from pistols, automatics, high powered rifles, to flame throwers and lasers. It also has several purchasable characters for upgrade with several added boosts in them that is also uniquely equipped with his/her own different type of blunt weapon. These upgrades are all available at the shop along with boost items to replenish your life points and ammunition, and several performance enhancers.

The game has two currencies –one is in the form of coins which is mainly obtained through killing zombies. A higher form of currency on the other hand is in the form of cash credits. Cash credits, although obtainable in the game, prove to be harder to obtain compared to coins. Though, they are easily obtained and are mainly sold over the in-app-purchases section of the game.

Graphics and audio in-game are just great if not better when compared to the original title. A serious effort went into polishing the tiniest detail of artwork as well as with the accompanying background music and effects, being as nerve-wracking and brutal as what one would expect from a zombie apocalypse themed game.

In conclusion, Zombie Age 2 is an action packed side-scroller game that encourages you to explore your inner hunter in a very engaging way. Part of this comes from the its enhanced gameplay mechanics, the apocalyptic backbone plot, the great visuals and the accompanying audio that goes with it. The developers had a great deal of re-detailing the original title with its key addictive traits and should most likely make it an easy sell to both its fans and non-fans alike.

4.0 / 5.0
review by Private (Steph) | Mar 22nd 2015

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