World Zombination

World Zombination Gets Android Release

by RichApr 21st 2015

Insane zombie based tower defense game set to make it's Android debut.

World Zombination Gets Android Release

World Zombination has been out for a couple of months already on iOS and has received a rather stallar 4 out 5 from us in our review (

On April 23rd 2015, the game becomes available for Android devices, it will also include units not currently available on iOS such as the Black Belt tank and hard-hitting Slugger for survivors. The infected's new units include the drone spawning Farmer and powerful Chef.

The basic premise of the game is that players can lead the horde of zombies on their mission to consume the world or command the tenacious human survivors. But it's not only hungry zombies who will need brains. Players on both sides of the conflict must think strategically about which of the 100+ possible units they will deploy in battle, which units to upgrade and what directions they will take on the skill tree.

Here is a trailer if you prefer to see the game in action.

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