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World Flipper Unit Tier List

by AppGamerSep 16th 2021

This World Flipper Tier List is a breakdown of the current 5 star units in World Flipper listed in tier order to give you a guide to the mot sought after pulls in the game, this will be useful if you are rerolling or want to check out your starting pulls to see if you have gotten lucky.


World Flipper Unit Tier List

Tier lists are subjective though and your progress in the game will not be limited to using only the top units listed here.

If you disagree with the list of want to add your own suggestions please let us know in the comments below.

Top Tier / S Tier

Name Class Element
Celtie Warrior Wind
Razelt Warrior Light
Vyron Warrior Dark
Phiria Support Wind
Clarisse Special Fire

Second Tier / A Tier

Name Class Element
Marina Warrior Fire
Cagliostro Support Thunder
Sonia Warrior Water
Belsidia Deadeye Dark
Inaho Special Thunder

Third Tier / B Tier

Name Class Element
Vagner Deadeye Fire
Suizen Support Water
Nephtim Special Light
Leon Warrior Wind
Eclair Warrior Light

Recruiting the top tier units in the game is not necessarily the only way to form a strong team. You can also focus on developing teams around single elements to help you battle against high level enemies.

We also have full lists of all the available units for each element with recommended tiers.

See the full unit lists for: Fire, Wind, Thunder, Water, Dark, Light


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