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Professions Guide
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Early in the Wizards Unite you are face with the choice of which profession you would like to choose to pursue in the game. Each choice has it's own strengths and weaknesses but are all pretty much equal overall.

The choices are Auror, Magizoologist or Professor. And a number of factors may influence your decision as to what profession you take. Maybe a friend has already started playing, and in that case a different profession may be a good choice so you can complement each other in certain tasks.

Auror Profession

The Auror profession is the one to take if you want a combat based class. Aurors are great at fighting against the dark arts, generally dealing damage and casting spells. Their biggest drawback is that they cannot heal themselves, but there are healing potions which you can get in the game to offset that.

Magizoologist Profession

The Magizoologist profession is one dedicated to the care and preservation of magical creatures. Magizoologist are the best class to fight beasts in the game, they also make great teammates as they can revive other wizrds in the Wizarding Challenges, they specialise in providing buffs to teammates, and healing and reviving them.

Professor Profession

Whereas the other two professions have clear strengths and weaknesses, the Professor profession, excels at neither fighting or healing, but is good at both, and also not weak at either. this is your jack of all trades option. Professors are however, most effective against Curiosities.

So there you have it, pick one and off you go! Probably if I was playing this game on my own, I'd go for either the Auror or Professor class. The Auror because you will need the fighting skills, but the lack of heal is an issue, so you will be reliant on finding enough potions on your travels. The Professor class could be good as the healing is taken care of, he just may not be as strong as you need to complete some of the challenges.

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