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Turbo Stars

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Turbo Stars is a skateboarding race game along the same lines as the popular aquapark.io race challenge style game.

Swipe your character left and right to speed you way through a course with obstacles an other players to collect coins and avoid crashes to try to finish first.

Along the way you can also gain coins for knocking competitors off of the course and collect keys and a few power ups.

Earn the coins and gems in the game to unlock new looks, skateboards and eventually emotes to customise your character.

Hints and Tips

If you are having trouble finishing a level in 1st place then you can use the coins that you gain to activate a start boost or speed boost during the level.

Swiping quickly to the left or right will let you perform tricks off the side of the pipe or loop over in the base of the full pipe sections. This will earn coins and can speed you up.

If you want to make sure that you claim coins, keys and other power ups during the run you should make small movements only when needed as this will help you maintain control of your character much better.

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It is good fun to play, but I wish the tracks were longer and there were less adverts. Not enough playtime compared to the amount of ads you watch.
2.4 / 5.0

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