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Driving Controls

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Driving Controls

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The main driving controls in Truckers of Europe 3 Are the steering on the left and the brake and accelerator pedals on the right. You will also have gear shift options above the accelerator.

The type of steering control you use can be set in the Settings menu (Tap the pause button on the top right). And you can also adjust the sensitivity. There are also settings for the pedals to adjust how they respond to your input.

Driving Controls

The other controls on the screen can be hard to make out on smaller devices as they are very small.
Along the bottom you have buttons for Headlights (3 levels), Parking Break (make sure to turn this off before trying to pull away), Windscreen wipers, and camera view. This last one will switch between the camera views that you have enabled in the settings menu.

Above the break pedal you have controls for the retarder, this is only available on certain gearbox options. Using this will let you use engine as a break to slow you down. Above the Accelerator pedal (and below the gear setting) you have a cruise control setting. Set this with the middle button and then use the + and _ to control the cruise speed.

On the top right you will see a button with 3 dots. There are several more controls here that you will need to use from time to time.

Start / Stop: This is where you find the button to turn off the engine when you are done driving.
Hazard Indicators: Turn the hazard lights on or off.
Drop Axle: this allow you to control the movable axle on certain cab chassis.
Tow service: In the event that you get stuck on the road and cannot complete the job then you can get a tow to the nearest city.
Detach trailer: For when you are done with the load you can release it with this button.
Power Mode: This is a low speed hill climbing to keep your in a lower gear for longer and make it easier to climb.
Diff. Lock: Use differential lock to increase your traction if you are on loose ground and want to avoid wheel spin.
Cab Light: For your interior cab view at night use the light to let you see inside the cab clearly.

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