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Hints and Tips for Truckers of Europe 3

Truckers of Europe 3 Guide


Truckers of Europe 3 is the latest release of the popular Truck driving sim from Wanda Software. This new release features improved graphics and many enhancements to the experience that makes it one of the best driving sims to date.

If you have enjoyed previous truck driving sims or tis is your first time trying out the long distance haulage game genre then check below for our top tips to playing and enjoying Truckers of Europe 3.

Hints and Tips for Truckers of Europe 3

Truckers of Europe 3 Hints and Tips

Driving Practice

If this is your first try at truck driving or even if it is not then it is worth spending a few minutes to begin with maneuvering the cab around the starting area to get used to the controls and the handling. There is a lot to pick up initially and driving a truck is very different to other vehicle game experiences.

You will then pick a job and get to hook up your trailer. Take your time practicing this maneuver and controlling the full vehicle before heading out on the road.


As you try out the driving experience you can check and adjust the truck set up and the controls. Press the Pause button in the top right to enter the menus and then select Settings at the top. There are a several options to adjust to set how you control the truck, and how it will respond. The most important for you will be the steering control which by default has to rotating a wheel with the left side of the screen. You can set thus to buttons or device tilting, or if you are able to use it then a game pad is a preferred option.

Check the graphics quality for options. The high settings will offer fantastic graphics for this genre of games but will require a higher end device to run smoothly. If you prefer to drive with a manual gearbox then you can set this in the 'Truck' settings. as well as adjusting some of the ride variables.

You should also check the Camera modes listed in the Gameplay section. You can select or deselect those that you want to be able to use on the game. You can turn all of these one to begin so you can try them out with but then later return and remove those that you don't plan to use while driving to keep the game play simple. Once more important setting here is the Traffic intensity. Keep this low for easy driving or turn it up for a more realistic experience.

Hints and Tips for Truckers of Europe 3


With the game set up to your liking you need to get used the the main driving controls. The main controls of steering, accelerating and braking can be adjusted to your liking but you should still practice to get used to their sensitivity.

We will cover all the controls in more detail in a separate controls guide.

Get the jobs done

The aim of the game in Truckers of Europe is to complete the jobs and earn money. You will want to play carefully, avoid problems and make sure to complete the deliveries. Coming soon will be an option to hire drivers and assign jobs to them to partially automate your business but for now you will need to make the trips yourself to build up your bank balance. There is no benefit in the game to completing jobs quickly, there is no time limit to beat so you can take your time and ensure you get the goods to the delivery point safe and sound.

Learning to drive well is important to avoid damage on the road and any serious issues that can leave you having to abandon a job. Follow the GPS route carefully as well. The GPS display can be very small on some device screens and you need to keep a close eye on it to ensure you don't end up wasting time and fuel.When driving you will have options to full up at gas stations. Make sure to take advantage of these opportunities when you see them as running out of fuel will be very costly.

Hints and Tips for Truckers of Europe 3

Make the most of the Ads

The game will have ads on screen while playing unless you pay for the ad free option. You can play offline to avoid these. When playing though you will have several options to watch video ads and these are worth taking.

When filling up with fuel, or doing repairs you can watch an advert to get these for free. And at the end of a job you can get bonus rewards by doing the same. All of these can help maximize your earnings and help you upgrade your fleet

We hope these tips will help you conquer the roads of Europe. If you have any questions about Truckers of Europe 3 please head to the Answers Page to ask there.


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