Last Updated: is a fun triva game where you place bets on your correct answer, you can also spread your risk by placing some bets on other answers if you are note sure.

Feel free to post any questions and answers to us at AppGamer as we build a collection of answers that we can find on the game.

You can find questions and answers for that have already been posted here: Answers Tips is really just a game about answering questions correctly. But we can offer a couple of tips to help you in the game.

1. Spend your coins to increase your character count and character value
This means that you can bet larger on answers that you are certain of. You can also increase the value of each character and your idle reward.

2. Take part in the quests
Quests are limited time special events that allow other opportunities to gain more gold coins in the game, and also free gems too.

For example, in Double or Nothing you have to answer a series of questions correctly and get to the end in order to win. You start with one character only and for each answer you get correct you double the number of characters that you have. There may be an option to triple your rewards at the end of the event in exchange for watching a video ad.

In Time Limit you have a limited time to answer questions - So no looking on the net for your answers! ;)

3. Collect Gold Keys
Once you have enough gold keys you'll have the option to enter the chest room and unlock a number of chests for prizes. The best prize is shown for you, but you'll also get the option of watching a video ad for 3 more tries.

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I think that this game is tricky but turns out I am way smarter than I think
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