Toilet Time - Mini Games to Play in the Bathroom

Toilet Time - Mini Games to Play in the Bathroom

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Private Time in Toilet Time

Private time in the toilet has always been a regular thing for humans although the idea of it being fun was never associated with it--until the day the game “Toilet Time” by Tapps (Top Apps and Games) was published. The developer of the game pushes the idea of focusing several mini games that centers on, as you might have guessed, doing private time while on your own personal break. The overall rating of four stars for this game from a total of 5 million downloads from Google Play Store alone makes a bewildering conclusion: that toilet time can be made fun.

And while it tries to claim a rightful territory in its genre, it calls upon its massive gallery of mini games that are funny, shameless, and downright nasty. This is the plot of the game which is basically a mini-game collection that employs a casual type of play with different varieties of reflex tapping and sliding, attuned to deliver steady increments of challenge as you progress.

The goal is to complete every task given through a random sequence of mini games. There are a total of 17 mini games included and every challenge is presented in a time-attack manner. You will be given a maximum of four lives to reach a specified target round. Upon reaching that target round, you’ll be rewarded with a key that can be used to unlock a section of the toilet gallery which in itself revolves on a rather pun of a theme. When you reach the given limit of attempts, the game ends and brings you back to square one.

To give more insight to the game, one mini-game is to prevent a man’s belongings from falling into the toilet bowl. Another mini-game is to tap on the tissue roll stuck from a clueless woman running towards her lover. Then there’s one where you’ll have to squish out cockroaches coming out of the drain while another one is to adjust an old man’s shower temperature before the time runs out. And then, there are the games that become a little bit more shameless than others when it involves coughing at the same time your turd hits the water or urinating on hair or leftover clumps on the bowl to (in a sense) clean it.

Another catch to the game that might give an impression (good or bad) is the accompanying artwork. The artwork looks absolutely misplaced but definitely funny at the same time. As a figure of comparison, it looks more like a crossover of Beavis-and-Butthead graphics and a grade-schooler’s art project. Probably it was deliberately designed in this manner to provide less tension on the game itself and promote fun altogether. Visuals incorporated in the game would cover a majority of shameless bathroom activities. As for the sound, it highly accentuates the funniest aspect of the game (you’ll hear it when you get there).

In conclusion, this game does have a lot of fun aspects to look into. The wide variety of mini games to play will keep you busy and entertained for quite a while--unless you are seriously dedicated to top the leader-boards or brag about reaching a specific level. The rewarded keys that are supposed to unlock hidden (locked) portions of the game do not make sense whatsoever, just a few toilet bowl exhibits that do not benefit the player in any way. With that all in hand, the game, still is a great time-killer. It can easily be suggested to players who plainly want to pass the time while probably dealing with their very own toilet time.

4.0 / 5.0
review by Private (Steph) | Mar 23rd 2015

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