Toilet Time - Mini Games to Play in the Bathroom

Toilet Time - Mini Games to Play in the Bathroom

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Tips and Hints
Toilet Time - Mini Games to Play in the Bathroom Guide

Tips and Hints

1. Sitting is the Best Position Playing

Sitting while playing the game is the most recommended position since most of the challenges occasionally require the use of the gyro of your device (e.g. tilting the direction of urine) and also laying the device on your lap helps in the occasion of frantic swiping with your two index fingers.

2. Thumb Erasing

You can use your thumb to erase an image (in the erase image challenge) to speed up the overall time needed to complete the task as your thumb can cover a decent amount of space to erase in one pass.

3. Be Smart with Signs

Occasional randomization of signs (e.g. the bathroom sign) will occur most especially during challenges that task you to differentiate items between male or female.

4. Differentiate the Solutions to the Given Challenges

Different Challenges require different input. The stage with a man whose belongings fall to the bowl for example requires simple swipe gestures while the other stage rolling out the tissue requires frantic swipes to unroll it. Performing frantic swipes over the items on the first example will only make it harder to clear the given challenge.

5. Sneaky People on the Bathroom Stalls

The latter challenges on the game where you need to pick a vacant stall will become tricky as people would put their legs down almost already past halfway of the screen. Don’t let them get the best of you by waiting until the stall door gets past half the screen before you tap onto it.

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