The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia

How to spawn a Nature Bunny
The Battle of Polytopia Guide

How to spawn a Nature Bunny

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The nature bunny in Polytopia is one of the hidden 'Easter egg' features that you can activate in the game.
How to spawn a Nature Bunny

To spawn a Nature Bunny in your Polytopia world you just need to tap ten times on any unoccupied square in your territory. Tapping on square that are not marked as your territory will not work. It is also only possible in the single player modes. The Nature Bunnies cannot be spawned when you are in Online Multiplayer.

Nature Bunny moves:
Nature Bunnies can move around the world map onto every tile except Water and Ocean tiles. It can attack, kill and be killed. Bunnies have the Crush skill, enabling them to destroy any building and units on the tile it moves onto. Nature Bunnies can enter your cities, but cannot capture them. Nature Bunnies cannot be converted with Mind Benders.


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