Tap Titans

Tap Titans

Be a Titan Slayer and Save the World with Tap Titans

Saving the world is a lot of hard work and sometimes making it to hero status seems so impossible that most of us think of just quitting. But what if saving the world was as simple as tapping on a screen? In a world ravaged by vicious Titans, the world’s only salvation lies on the hands of a tapping-genius that would defeat the evil Titans once and for all.

Released and developed by Game Hive Corporation, Tap Titans is available for free download on both Android and iOS platforms. The game offers in-app purchases that come in the form of diamonds which can be used for buying gold coins, reducing cool-downs of skills and perks that greatly help the player. There are ads but I’ve not seen one that pops up somewhere in the screen during gameplay. It could be the fact that placing an ad somewhere in the screen would go against the concept of this game and end up severely frustrating players. Although there is a watchable ad that offers you some rewards for watching an ad with various bonuses.

Tap Titans' gameplay involves the player madly tapping on the screen. The mechanic is simple yet oddly satisfying. You start with your main hero against one titan. At first he only hits for one damage per tap but later on, one tap could go for millions worth of damage. You also hire other heroes to help you with passive damage and skills that range from increased critical chances, increased gold drops from monsters and / or chests, or downright increase in damages be it tap or DPS (damage per second) provided you level them up as well.

Your main hero may be upgraded as well and he is by far the strongest of them all. His upgrades consist of an increase in attack damage–skills that greatly aid the player but have a long cooldown. The titans you fight get tougher and tougher and to combat this, you should keep upgrading your hero and your party to keep up with the titans' increase in strength. There is also a nifty fairy that randomly flies around as you are fighting. Tapping the fairy results in her dropping the chest she is carrying and may give the player gold, buffs in the form of critical chance boosts, damage boosts or a shadow that attacks continuously which doubles your damage output (much like the Hero's skill Shadow Clone albeit much shorter in duration), and an option to watch an ad for huge gold or diamond reward. These diamonds can be used to help the player by giving them a lot of gold (which seems to be based off of the stage and the difficulty level you are currently at), summoning the Grim Reaper to halve your opponents HP to name a few. Or you can use them to instantly remove all cooldowns of all your hero's skills.

The graphics consist of what look to be vector or flash based sprites. They are neatly done and look really great–even the little details on the different characters, background, icons, and titans themselves. The animations are good too like when your character uses the Heavenly Strike skill and lands a hit and the screen shakes with a BIG damage number. It is so satisfying. The audio is great as well. The background music fits the theme as you are fighting titans which are huge, the music must instill that feeling too and this game does so positively. But most of the time, what you will be hearing are the slashes you do whenever you tap, the sounds of your party members attacking, and of course the groans of the titans upon meeting your blow. It is actually quite satisfying to hear them all.

Tap Titans is a great game you can pick up frantically, tap to kill titans, and just put it down whenever. It is one of the great examples of what mobile games should be–simple but engaging gameplay mechanics. You don't really have to spend money for this game because you do get to save up on diamonds (provided you don’t blow it every time you get enough). But then, you may opt to purchase diamonds to support the developers for making this cool game. When in-game, be careful though as tapping heavily may result into some hero tapping-induced cramps to your hands.

4.5 / 5.0
review by Private | Feb 15th 2015

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