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Tips and Hints
Swamp Attack Guide

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1. Upgrade before Buying clips

Although far more expensive, it is wiser to save up coins for gun upgrades rather than upgrading its clip. Upgraded gun hits harder and has a higher chance to land a critical hit to enemies therefore eliminating the need for more shells to fire. But a good balance of clip upgrades after can still be appreciated.

2. Spend shots wisely

The shot gun fires a minutely spread-out projectile capable of hitting multiple enemies at long range. Instead of spamming your taps, plan a good angle of attack to hit as much enemy in a single fire.

3. Wait for a Full Reload

After using/empting your ammunition, there is a fraction of time needed to engage the character into reloading phase. Aside from carefully managing your shots, make sure to wait for a full reload before taking aim on enemies again. This saves you more time and head room for reload for the next wave of enemies.

4. Plan prior to Attack

Different enemies have different resistances and weaknesses. After sampling a stage, take note of the different surges of enemies encountered. Plan the attack with your range of weapons and explosives to bring.

5. Grind for Coins

The game does not necessarily imply that you could easily run through the progression of stages. You may need to repeatedly beat a stage to earn coins to cover for weapon purchase/upgrade for the next stage.

6. Speed Up/Eliminate Waiting Time

Make sure you play offline (yes, the game works without internet access). Eliminate the need to wait for your energy bars to re-fill by adjusting your date/time settings on you mobile phone for that quick succession of game grinding.

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