Swamp Attack

Wild Encounters in Swamp Attack!

No matter how hard humans try to claim nature for themselves, she always finds a way to fight back. And when nature tries to reclaim its territory, it calls upon its massive wild life army to take measure– armed and dangerous. This is the plot of Outfit7’s massive hit, shoot-‘em-up game, Swamp Attack. From the makers of the popular talking cat series: Talking TomCat, Talking Angela and Talking Ginger, you’ll be intrigued at how they managed to pull-off another big hit from a totally different game genre. Swamp Attack is swarmed by at least ten million installs from Google Play alone.

You pick the life of a swamp-residing Hill Billy. While lounging on your rocking chair and armed with a shotgun, you will try to outwit and exterminate waves of incoming wild life trying to take claim of your territory. The game which revolves in a rather pun of a theme, extends its silly take on defense upgrades with automatics, a flame thrower, an electric gun, and different sorts of fire power.

To progress, your goal is to survive every stage by eliminating all enemy forces before they get the chance to take you down. The game employs a deceivingly simple tap-to-target mechanics but will gradually overwhelm you with multiple factors to consider like the reload speed of your gun, the sequence of enemies, their advancement speed, volume of attackers, and health points. Different enemies share different weaknesses as well, so a smart way of handling your weapons and explosives before even starting a stage will be handy. Also, fortifying your cabin with upgrades from the shop will be beneficial as it increases your protection and your own health points for you to last longer during pinch times.

Leveling up is achieved by means of upgrading or unlocking stronger weapons. Stronger firepower means a higher chance to obliterate waves of enemies faster. Although expect to replay stages and grind altogether in order to gain coins that will mainly be used for upgrading and/or purchasing of weapons and ammo –taking into consideration of a movement penalty system every time you enlist a stage(it’s a free game of course). And as you might have probably guessed, you could easily remedy that courtesy of the in-app-purchases (IAPs). The IAP also promotes several add-on perks such as doubling coin rewards, increasing gifts during game play and packages of recovery potions for people who are willing to pay. Despite that, the game does not necessarily force you to pay in order to advance through the stages.

As for the sound and graphics, the developers didn’t cut corners as well. Even for a small package of a game, it sports nifty artwork, detail, and visuals. For the game’s audio, I find it very suitable to the atmosphere and situation. It is good and entertaining, in general.
In conclusion, Swamp Attack is a simple shoot-‘em-up game that is quite well rounded in all corners. The gorgeous visuals, the simple game controls, and its’ addictive appeal makes it an easy recommendation to people who want to play and enjoy an exhilarating game that doesn’t employ heavy strategy input that forces you to think. With that said, if by any chance you need to kill time, I could easily suggest wasting your time away by playing Swamp Attack. After all, the time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time at all.

4.2 / 5.0
review by Private | Feb 10th 2015

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