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How to get the Hidden Relics in your Home

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Relics are a useful item to find in Super Snail to boost your stats and the game lets you find 4 relics early on that are very handy to get. These can all be found hidden in your home area and are easy to get.

As soon as you have completed the tutorial section and can access all of your home area you can claim the relics. Check the list below for these four relics to make sure you get off to a great start.

Golden Finger Relic

This is possibly the most tricky one to get a sit take a little while but its not hard to do. Swipe to the far left of your home wqhere you will see a large garage door on the left.

Just in front of the door is a small group of rocks. Tap on this and you will see a slight movement and you might see a message 'Thud..'.

How to get the Hidden Relics in your Home

Now keep tapping. You need to tap many times, up to 999 times on this rock. You will see the occasional massage appear about the stone cracking and breaking so you know you are making progress on this task.

Many taps later... You will be rewarded with the Golden Finger.

How to get the Hidden Relics in your Home

Mutant Fungus Relic

Swipe to view the time machine area of your home with the tadpole pond and the Fungus Patch. Now look in the center of the patch and you should see a small lump.

How to get the Hidden Relics in your Home

Tap this to start to dig it up, you will need to tap it a few times, but thankfully only a few and you will dig up a large blue fungus.

Collect this to obtain the Mutant Fungus Relic

How to get the Hidden Relics in your Home

Gold Toilet Paper Relic

Now you can swipe to the right to move inside. You can see the Toilet paper on the top shelf on the left above the fridge.

How to get the Hidden Relics in your Home

No complicated multiple tap procedures here, just tap and collect the TP and enjoy the luxury of more Relic stat boosts.

How to get the Hidden Relics in your Home

Nuclear Fusion Battery Relic

For this final relic you more to the right again to find the Robot Guard in the cave. The battery belongs to the Robot, but you can claim it from him in 2 ways.

How to get the Hidden Relics in your Home

Tapping on the Robot starts a conversation, you can choose to talk to him or Attack. Defeating the Robot will grant you the battery relic, but you can also get it easily by making the correct dialog choices

How to get the Hidden Relics in your Home

If you want to get he battery through the conversation you can follow theses choices to claim it.

  1. What are you doing here?
  2. What are you guarding?
  3. You've been here for?
  4. You run on batteries?
  5. Can I have a look?

And that will grant you the Nuclear Battery Relic

So those are the 4 easy to claim relics that you can get from the start of the game to give you a good stats boost. After claiming these relics remember to view your relics by tapping on the statue head icon on the bottom menu to activate them so that you can gain the benefits.

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