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Super Snail Game Guide

Super Snail Guide


Super Snail is a quirky Idle RPG game from Qcplay Limited. In the future the world has been ruined by 8 powerful Demon Gods and most life has gone from the planet. Now you, a humble snail, have been sent back in time to when it all began to try to stop them.

Super Snail Game Guide

As the game says your chances are 1 in a billion, but through a complex set of upgrades, mutations, relics and other unlikely power ups you can build your strength and defeat all the enemies that the game tries to throw at you.

If this is all overwhelmingly amazing to comprehend check though the Game Guide below to understand more of the power of Super Snail.

Super Snail Game Guide

How to Play Super Snail

The game will start you off with an entertaining story line and then a tutorial section to walk you through the main game play. This shows you the basic idle combat and the options for snail enhancements.

The tutorial can feel both a bit too long and also not really enough to cover the many resources and options in the game. You might find yourself a little 'shell shocked'.

But the best way to play Super Snail is to relax and let it happen. You will find yourself collecting resources, food, relics, special organs, gear and more. All of these items will be used to either explore for more items and upgrade your snail in a variety of ways.

Your Home Area

Your home, that you will return to after each exploration has a few areas to it that you should look around. Here you can collect some resources, find your mail, draw rewards in the Lottery

Swiping left and right will show you the garage on the far left, the time machine, fungus and tadpole resources, The TV screen, vending machine and mail box, a main room with the lottery and gear box, and a cave with the robot guard.

Make sure to check through these areas to find useful items and some secret relics.


This is done by tapping on the compass icon on the lower left. You will need to select and replenish your Exploration Food Supplies before you start using the 'Supplies option'. This determines how long you can explore for and you can increase this as you upgrade.

Super Snail Game Guide

You can then start the exploration and leave it to continue in real time (while offline) or you can rush through the battles to collect the rewards quickly. Remember to check the map for incidents to find more rewards and the Intel to find enemy Apostles that you can battle.

All of these will give you rewards raging from chest and relics to food resources for more exploring. The more you explore the more you can improve, upgrade and unlock new abilities.


Throughout the game you can collect relics which are another item that you can use to boost your stats you can find these as rewards when exploring and battling and you can check the guide for some easy to obtain relics in your home.

Make sure to check the Relic Menu (small statue head icon on the bottom menu bar) to check for any new relics you obtain and Activate them. You need to do this to gain the bonuses they offer.

Super Snail Game Guide


Super Snail is a lot of fun to play with the unusual battle dynamics, humorous dialog and quirky characters to interact with. The idle aspect of it also means that you can make your way though the game without too much interaction, even if it is at a 'snails pace'.

The game mechanics can be hard to get your head around although you don't need to understand everything that is happened to enjoy the game. If you have any questions about any aspect of the game please go to the Answers Page for more help.

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