Strange Case: The Alchemist

Full walkthrough for Strange Case: The Alchemist

Strange Case: The Alchemist Guide

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Strange Case: The Alchemist is an escape room style game from Labeledman. The game revolves around your search for a killer but you unravel a story of spells, and evil.

Our full walkthrough will offer a guide to all the puzzles through the chapters of the game with solutions and explanations. While the areas in each chapter can be explored in different orders we try to give as simple a walkthrough as possible.

Full walkthrough for Strange Case: The Alchemist

Initially launched with 2 chapters and then with a third chapter added, the game may now be complete but we will update the guide to included any further content added by the developer.

If you have any questions for any area of the game please head to the Answers Page to ask there.


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