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Stormshot is an online building and combat game from . With many similarities to other real time strategy games you may already be familiar with the structure but if not then the game itself is a little complicated, but offers a lot of options and ways to play.

Stormshot Guide and Wiki

The game is set in fantasy world with medieval era troops and combat featuring cavalry and cannon. As well as mermaids, un-dead armies other strange creatures. After being forced to set up a new base on an mysterious island filled with ghosts you will need to build up your forces and expand the territory to increase you strength and survive. Upgrade your infrastructure, train troops, recruit heroes to lead and research the technologies to advance your estate and raise your power level.

As well as the base development the game also includes a puzzle campaign that you will ned to work your way though. This is a range of shooting target puzzles.

Stormshot Guide and Wiki

There is a lot to learn in the game and much which you need to figure out yourself as the instructions are few and not easy to follow.

We have here a growing collection of help pages to answer some of the larger questions in the game and of course you can check the 'Answers' section above to find more help or ask your own questions.


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