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Star realms is a digital version of the deck-building game published by White Wizard Games. Below are a collection of useful hints to help you play the game.

Cards :
As a very general guideline to begin your strategy planning damage beats scrap, scrap beats life gain and life gain beats damage. This cannot be followed to the letter because most decks are a mixture of all strategies and there will be other considerations such as how powerful the cards are and what factions players are in

Tip: buying bases when your opponent doesn’t have many damage cards can be very effective. If you notice your opponent going for a lot of bases you may need some damage to deal with them.

Look for trade and scrap cards early on
As an alternative to choosing an aggressive damage strategy, buying cards that give you trade and scrap early on will give you the option to purchase the more powerful cards from the trade row later and lets you scrap more cards over the course of the game for better draws.

Pay attention to what your opponent is buying
The focus is always on finding a deck that can beat your opponent. Taking care to consider what they strategy they are following will let you set up your deck to counter this. Choosing cards that can scrap themselves can be very useful here, as you can deny your opponent getting them and can then scrap them if they are not needed in your deck.

The trade row
Keep an eye on the trade row as you buy in cards and consider what you may want to gain from it later. Obtaining cards that generate a lot of trade will be important if there are high value cards on offer that you want.

Don’t forget to scrap cards.
Cards that scrap themselves are great for removing a card that no longer fits your strategy or the factions you are in. You should be scrapping even your very best card in your deck for its ability if it’s unlikely you will see that card again before the end of the game, otherwise it is just wasted sitting in your discard pile or your deck.

Don’t always draw a card even if you can and make sure you draw at the right time.
Unless you are playing online you do not have to play every card in your hand and you do not have to use your base abilities.

Don’t just focus on buying cards of a certain faction.
It is generally good to be in a couple of factions but do not focus solely on cards for those factions. Try to follow the tips above and consider cards that your opponent may need and ones that will help you counter their strategies.

If you have any questions about the game please check the answers page to ask it there.
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