Sort Water Puzzle - Color Liquid Sorting Game

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Sort Water Puzzle - Color Liquid Sorting Game
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Version: 1.05 | Sonatgame

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Sort Water Puzzle is one of the many sorting games available to play on your mobile device. In this one you are sorting colored water into glass tubes using spare tubes to move the sections around and arrange them so that each color is only in a single tube.

The game starts out with easy levels but will soon bring levels with more colors and more tubes to increase the difficulty. In many cases you can find yourself stuck if you do not plan ahead.

Hints and Tips for Sort Water Puzzle

The basic game play is very simple. Tap a glass tube that you want to move from and then the one to move to. this will pour the top color from the first tube to the second, but only if the top color in the second tube matches or the second tube is empty. And there needs to be room in the second tube.

There is no rush in the game. No tie limit to beat so you can take your time and think about your moves. This can be important and making the wrong move can leave you stuck with no more moves to play. Having said that thogh if you are trying to move though the levels quickly you can make moves while the previous move is still happening. You don't need to wait for a pouring animation to end before you start the next one.

If you do make a mistake there are sevedral options to help you out. At the top of the screen you will see an undo button (single back arrow), this will allow you to undo your last move. You can do this up to 5 times in a level.

If you are really stuck then there is the restart option (double arrow). This just starts the level again. There is no penalty for using this so if you get in a muddle just restart and try a different strategy.

On many levels you will also have the option to watch a five ad (button on the right) to add an extra glass tube. This will give you more room for arranging the water colors which will help a great deal in any level.

When it comes to strategy for clearing each level an empty tube is your friend. You will need to use the empty tubes to move the water around, but if you try to keep in mind that you want to keep a tube empty and plan your moves so that when you start using an empty tube you can then clear it again , or another one on the screen, you should be able to keep making progress and eventually complete the level.

It can take some practice but learning to pant the moves a few ahead so that you know you can empty a tube again will mean you can complete all the levels.

We hope these tips help you have more fun playing Sort Water Puzzle. If you have any questions please ask it on our Answers Page.

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It’s a nice game and it is fast. Only downside I’ve found is that when you get to 12 colors they are hard to see clearly and an extra tube “appears” after some number of tries.
3.9 / 5.0

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