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Hints and tips for Shop Titans
Shop Titans: Design & Trade Guide

Hints and tips for Shop Titans

Here is a brief rundown of our top hints and tips for Shop Titans: Design & Trade. If yu have any more tips to share with other gamers please add them in the comments below.

Keep a good stock of Inventory
It goes without saying that the progression in the game comes from crafting and selling the items but managing the stock that you have and keeping supply of items that may be required is important to keeping the flow of money coming in and not stalling the progression by running out of an item that a customer wants.

As you level up and unlock more blueprints it will take more effort to manage this. A good tip is to start to craft any items that you sell as soon as you can to replace the sold stock.

Practice and make use of your shop keeper skills
Once you reach level 6 you will unlock skills to let you raise and lower prices and interact with customers to affect sales. This brings into play a stamina system to make use of. The stamina is there for you to use and does not need to be kept at a high level, although not letting it run out when you need it is also important. It can be very useful when you need to manage customer requests and tasks with a limited stock.

Make the best use of questing
Many items will need special items that you need to acquire through quests that you send your own band of adventurers on to get for you.

As soon as you can get started on the quests. You will initially be prompted on this and will be get 2 heroes to quest for you for free. Later you will be able to hire more and you should do this as soon as you can.

You also need to get in to the habit of sending the adventurers out as often as you can (there is a cool down for them after each quest) to maximise the return you get from them.

Rank up Champions and equip your Heroes
Your champions and heroes will gain experience points to let them level up with every quest they engage in. But you can also use other methods to make sure they are as strong as possible.

Champions can also rank up with champion coins. You obtain there when they visit your shop and make extraordinary purchases. Keep an eye for champions in your shop and be sure to tend to them immediately no matter how busy your shop may be. Champions appear at random

Heroes are not as powerful as champions but you can help them with a good set of equipment. Heroes can be equipped with the same merchandise that you sell on your shop and it is recommended that you save the best ones that you craft for your heroes and even save them for future heroes.

Clicking on the “Chars.” Icon at the lower left side of your screen and clicking on a hero, you can see their status and equipment. You can click the optimize button to update their equipment with the best set available.

Upgrade Your Store
There is a lot to consider to keep your store and business running smoothly and the store itself is one of the main ones. Be ready to reinvest many of your earnings on upgrades to your store. Racks, bins, and chests need to be upgraded whenever possible and new furniture items added as these will increase your stamina as well as provide more space for your merchandise.

It is important to keep in mind that you can only make upgrades within your shop one at a time. Remember to check the status and initiate the upgrades regularly to ensure you maintain a steady growth.

For upgrades and additions clocm on the edit button at the bottom of the screen. Upgrades simply tap on the furniture you want to upgrade and click the “upgrade” button. To add furniture select from the various tabs to find the furniture that you need.

Invest in the Town
And yes there is still more to consider in the game to manage and control for your advantage. It is not enough to run a successful business but to make sure you do as well as possible you should also be investing in the various town buildings to help it improve and your business improve.

Click on the town icon at the lower left side of the screen to go to the town map. Here you can click on each building and vacant plots to see what each one does or can be used for and discover the effects of investing in it. Consider your own position and preferences as to which would benefit you the most be investing.

To-Do List Objectives
The to-do list is a set of objectives to complete which are important as they will reward you with gems as well as point you in the right direction for the initial progression and upgrades for your business. Keep working on these.

We hope this was useful for you. Please feel free to add any more tips you have found in the comments and head to the Answers Page if you have any questions.

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