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Shindo Life Codes Nov 2022


Free spins and free RELL Coins are on offer with these Shindo Life codes that you can redeem in the game. Find all the latest active codes.

Get some free spins to get more chances to get a strong bloodline and elements for your character. The codes also give you some free RELL coins which you can use in the shop to improve your character.

You'll find all of the latest active Shindo Life codes below, as well as instructions on how to redeem them.
Shindo Codes on Roblox
Shindo Codes on Roblox

Shindo Life Codes

Redeem codes are released for Shindo Life from time to time to get free stuff in the game, such as free spins and RELL coins.

These redeem codes, or promo codes, as they are sometimes called usually only last for a short period of time before they expire and no longer work. Here are the latest Shindo Life codes that we know of.

20kcoldRC!Tap to copy
- Get 20k RELL Coins

RELLtuffm0ns!Tap to copy
- Get 10k RELL Coins and Spins

PuppetM0ns!Tap to copy
- Get 70k RELL Coins

IndraAkumon!Tap to copy
- Get 47,928 RELL Coins

IndraAkum0n!Tap to copy
- Get Spins and RELL Coins

bicmanRELLm0n!Tap to copy
- Get 50,000 RELL Coins

FizzAlphi!Tap to copy
- Get Spins and RELL Coins

Alph1RELL!Tap to copy
- Get Spins and RELL Coins

bigmanRELLman!Tap to copy
- Get Spins and RELL Coins

2ndYearSL2hyp3!Tap to copy
- Get 50k RELL Coins

2ndYearSL2hype!Tap to copy
- Get 500 Spins and 100k RELL Coins

AprreciateDeLittletings!Tap to copy
- Get Spins and RELL Coins

MinakazeTentaci0n!Tap to copy
- Get 50k RELL Coins

b4tmonBigm4n!Tap to copy
- Get Spins and RELL Coins

rayK3r3d4!Tap to copy
- Get Spins and RELL Coins

ss5Shindo55!Tap to copy
- Get Spins and RELL Coins

Sw3LLhArdW0rk!Tap to copy
- Get Spins and RELL Coins

theRELLhasR3turn3d!Tap to copy
- Get Spins and RELL Coins

R3LLhardW0rkd!Tap to copy
- Get Spins and RELL Coins

6hindoi5lif35!Tap to copy
- Get 200 Spins

shindorengo!Tap to copy
- Get 200 Spins

G04thasR3turned!Tap to copy
- Get Spins and RELL Coins

Expired Codes
There are an incredible number of expired codes for Shindo Life, we've removed them all from our site because they no longer work and there are just too many!

How to Redeem

It's not obvious where to enter these codes for Shindo Lide, so here are the instructions. On the initial main game page tap the red up arrow until you see the word Edit, then click that. On this edit page you can customize the look of your character, but more importantly you can enter your Shindo Life codes!

Over on the right of the page you will see a section called YouTube Codes, click that, and you should see the cursor flashing in the input box. Simply enter your Shindo Code and you will get the reward if the code has not already expired.
Shindo Life Codes
Shindo Life Codes

Note: The codes entry boxed is really bad placed for some people, and you should try to minimise the game player list if it is getting in the way, while it is minimised click the YouTube codes button and even if the player list reappears over it, if you still see the flashing cursor, you are still good to type in the codes and redeem your free spins.

How to Get More Free Spins In Shindo Life

Seeing as you mostly only really get Free Spins from codes, and the codes are not released every day for free spins, you should try to complete daily quests and level up your character to get more free spins in Shindo Life.

How to Get New Shindo Life Codes

The best place to get new Shindo Life codes is to check out the Discord group for the game. Here is a link to the Shindo Discord Group. You can also check back here on this page where we will have a list of the latest codes soon after they are released. You can also check the game's official YouTube channel.
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