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Royal Blood Walkthrough and Tips

Ever since Lineage 2 pretty much achieved getting a full MMORPG running on mobile, there is yet another promising title to get the MMO craze back on track - at least for those that shifted to on-the-go (mobile) gaming.

Luckily for us app gaming people, lots of game developers followed suit - took what is good about Lineage 2, beefed up the game with all the stuff it lacks, and polish them to an MMO-gamer's hearts content. One of which is Royal Blood. Royal Blood though has been around for since late 2017, buts its global (and English version) release has got everyone riled up in excitement.

Royal Blood is a full scale, open-world MMORPG that is just as graphically astounding, and as immersive as what you'd normally have to play in a console device, or PC. The regular in-game graphics that you get is comparable to a PS 2 (Play Station 2) console, which is not bad at all considering it runs seamlessly in a mobile device.

Combat is intuitive and optimized for your touch screens, and includes a feature to auto-navigate you to your quest, and even fight your battles. And though this might not please a lot of MMO players in general (as it brings in casualization to what would normally be worked on by players the hard way), it does have its limits. For instance, auto-battle feature is pretty limited to normal attacks and barely dodges enemies while fighting - which would make it difficult to actually survive a quest that you'd normally be able to defeat when you are in control of your character.

Other than that, the Royal Blood pretty much brings into the table - all the standard fare in MMOs including:

Different Classes

- Warrior: Charge and Defend

- Ranger: Dual Pistol Wield and Crossbow

- Mage: Flame and Frost

- Bard: Melodic Destruction and Blessed Song

Customized Gameplay

- Unleash class-specific attacks

- Utilize Switch Skill sets efficiently to show its true potential

Engage yourself in Character Building

- Enhance your character and skills

- Upgrade your equipment

Player versus Player Capability

- Prove your strength in battle as you participate in matches against other players in the PVP Arena

- Team up with users worldwide and perform collectively to beat your opponents.

In-game Quests and Story Progress

- Join others in real time Raid battles

- Explore the open field by completing main Missions and Flash Quests

- Challenge yourself at the Tower of Infinity

Inter-Realm Battling

- You can choose among Aslan or Harmion realms from the very beginning.

- Participate in the ultimate 70 vs 70 Realm versus Realm battle.

- Dominate the battlefield by conquering enemy's base

Enjoy exclusive lifestyle content

- Gather various materials by fishing, collecting, and mining

- Craft useful items such as food, potions, and order forms

Royal Blood might just be the game that will lure you back in the addictive and exciting world of MMORPG’s. The graphics, intuitive gameplay, and large scale PVP battles definitely make the game worth a try!


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