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Last Piece Codes

For a nice early cash boost in the game check out the following Last Piece codes which are easily entered and will get you some cash in the game for very little effort for as long as the remain valid.

Created in February 2021 on Roblox by Last EXE Last Piece is a quest based adventure game where the basic idea is to follow the quest line and level up your character which will unlock more quests and items to use.
Get Some Free Cash in Last Piece on Roblox
Get Some Free Cash in Last Piece on Roblox

Note: Last Piece on Roblox is now known as Last Pirates. Follow the link for the latest Last Pirates codes.

Last Piece Codes

Here are the latest working codes for Last Piece to get you some free cash in the game.

SmolEsanTap to copy
- Get 10k Money (NEW)

XIEXIETap to copy
- Get 10k Money

MIUMATap to copy
- Get 20k Money

JZ GAMMINGTap to copy

- Get 10k Money

MAOKUMATap to copy

- Get 10k Money

OatCasterChTap to copy

- Get 10k Money

KINGNONKDTap to copy

- Get 1k Money

WHITEKUNGTap to copy

- Get 10K Money.

UPDATE!!Tap to copy

- Get 20K Money.

MIUMATap to copy

- Get 20k Money

Expired Last Pirates Codes
These ones no longer work. Please remember that all codes generally expire, we'll be adding new ones when they are released. Please let us know if any of the ones above longer work.


How to enter codes for Last Piece on Roblox

Click the codes button do bring up the entry box
Click the codes button do bring up the entry box

To enter these codes for Last Piece on Roblox, start the game then tap on the codes link at the bottom of the page, then copy and paste into that the ones that you want to try out. If they are working, generally you don't have to press enter, you'll just get the corresponding reward. If it has expired or has been entered incorrectly, you may not get a message at all, nothing will happen. Same if you try to enter the same one twice.

How to get more Roblox Last Piece Code

We'll be updating this page with the latest codes when they are released, but you can also stay updated to new game announcements and chat with other players by joining their Last EXE Roblox Group and Last Piece Discord Group.

If you are looking for some tips for the game, then this video may be of some use, which is a beginners guide or run-through of the first 150 level. You can check it out below:
[video= title=Level 1-150 Guide]

Game Controls
Q - Dash
Ctrl - Sprint/Run
Double spacebar - Geppo
F- Flash Step
J - Armament
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