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A Universal Time Codes (November 2022)

A Universal Time (AUT) is an action/adventure game inspired by many different popular shows, games, and animes. If you are looking for A Universal Time codes, then here is a great place to start. Loads of Roblox games do have redeem codes, but A Universal Time has no codes, and as far as we can see, never has offered redeem codes for their game.

There is such a thing as Private Server codes on A Universal Time, and we'll be telling you all about those and hooking you up with a few that we know too.

A Universal Time Codes
A Universal Time Codes

A Universal Time Codes

There are no redeem codes for A Universal Time on Roblox, but you can get some Private Server times, we have a few below and you can search on YouTube maybe for some more.

Private Server Codes
1351650889/ZTTJHTap to copy

1430909582/VCFXNTap to copy

219136398/IRXNTTap to copy

732678017/MJECWTap to copy

212515622/IPMVXTap to copy

960451113/CNQXLTap to copy

To use these Private Server codes, start the game and on the main screen select Private Server, this will bring up an entry box where you just copy and paste one of the codes above to join the private server that you want to try.

Why Play on a Private Server

It can be a little annoying to jump into AUT and suddenly be set upon by random players, at least in a Private Server this can be avoided. Apart from this selection of private servers, the game also offers you the facility to start your own for 150 Robux.
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