RGB Express

Bad Crane Ltd
Version: 1.5.0 | 4+
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Simulate Logistics with RGB Express

Dive into the complex operations of logistics with RGB Express, developed by Bad Crane Ltd. The game details a series of tasks involving pick-ups and deliveries from which you create your own logistics empire. Dwelling mostly in route-decision-making for your company’s delivery trucks, you might be in for a surprise to know how this simple game manages to get you perplexed at times and will surely lead to head-scratching-marathons shortly thereafter.

The game houses multiple difficulty levels which you will have to gradually beat city after city (levels are categorized as cities) in order to progress in the game and into which you’ll build up your business empire. The game employs simple mechanics where you have to direct the route of every truck from picking-up and delivering a package to buildings from which they share a specific color. Simple enough right? But there’s a catch though. You have to carefully plan your route because you’re not allowed to pass over different colored packages and buildings. Trucks are also not allowed to re-use a path that has already been used by your truck or by the other colored delivery trucks (except for the intersections).

Once you start playing, there is little to nothing sort of introduction or tutorial to the game mechanics whatsoever, the game will just progressively introduce different elements and you’ll just have to figure out their individual roles or uses from thereon. This is somehow a part of the game’s charm in my opinion. It is purely devised to unlock those unused neurons in your brain to figure out everything, every single step of the way.

You start off on a rather quick succession of stages that will somewhat reward you with a false sense of accomplishment while you breeze through the early parts of the game. As you progress in the game though, a wider array of challenges are introduced one after the other, making the levels harder to beat therefore leaving you with only trails of success. So naturally, if you ain’t a quitter, the urge to constantly beat a level emerges– making it undeniably hard to let go, simply put, addicting.

The challenges that are presented are in the form of multiple pick-ups and drop-offs (trucks are only allowed to carry a maximum of three packages at a time), simultaneous routing of multiple differently colored trucks at a time, introduction of buttons that controls draw bridges, drop-off intersection buttons, and combinations of all these mechanics at one time.

In-App Purchases (IAPs) are in the form of hints. The game will initially give five free hints and from there hints will be sold in bulk sets. Purchasing hints are completely unnecessary, but if you wish to support the developers of the game by buying, feel free to do so. But as per relativity to what the game employs, using hints beats the sole purpose of the game– frying your brain.

The graphics and audio in the game are most probably themed to appropriately contribute to a simpler delivery of the game as a whole package, giving the players less distractions from it and concentrate more on the presented puzzle.

In conclusion, RGB Express is a highly recommended brain-game that will promote a legit challenge to test and enhance your aptitude to solve logistics-routing-puzzles more efficiently at the same time testing both your patience and perseverance.
4.0 / 5.0
review by Private | Feb 20th 2015



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